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Popular Science Articles (in Chinese)

Stable Distribution and Generalized Central Limit Theorem (稳定分布与广义中心极限定理) 2011.7 Introducing the Levy Stable Distribution and Generalized Central Limit Theorem
When Probability Became Complex Numbers --- Introduction on Quantum Probability (当概率成为复数——量子概率简介) 2010.6 Introducing theory of quantum probability
Computer Games ---- Open Computational System (计算机游戏——一种开放的计算系统) 2010.3 Introducing some studies on computer games, including game design theory, flow theory etc.
Set Bits Free 释放比特自由 2007.9 Introducing Wolfram's A New Kind of Science
Exploring Flows 流的探索 2007.9 Metabolic Ecology Theory, Allometric Scaling and Statistical Mechanics of Flows
Emergence and Computer Game 涌现与游戏(载于《游戏创造》2006.1) 2006.1 Emergence, Complexity Theory and Computer Game Design
Turing Machine and Theory of Computation 图灵机与计算理论 2004.7 Theory of Computation, Turing Machine Model
Lattice Universe 方格宇宙 2004.6 Introduction of Cellular Automata



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